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The Riecken Library Network Keeps Growing!

by cathy | August 30, 2023




On July 7 Riecken Community Library team members from Honduras and Guatemala celebrated the inauguration of the new library in Chamelco in Coban, Guatemala – one of four new libraries that will be completed in 2023 and 2024.  The community was very excited to come and see their new library.  Present were members of the municipal government, the long-serving volunteers of the library board, parents, and students. With the Riecken Model as the foundation for the formation of this and all Riecken libraries, the community, municipality, and Riecken Foundation all played important and required roles in its development and future operation.

It was wonderful seeing the library finances published in the “Transparency Corner” of the library, exemplifying the openness of the library and modeling this concept to other organizations. 

Knowing that this library network is possible motivates all of the staff and community volunteers that work with Riecken Community Libraries. The Riecken Library network is now operating 63 libraries and this time next year, with three additional new libraries completed, there will be 66. 

This video that shows the evolution of the new Riecken library from the first day the project began to  inauguration.