Changing Lives through Information in Central America

How to Help

Help Build, and Sustain a Secure, Stable Future for the People of Central America

What if you could create lifelong readers, bridge the digital divide, support the development of local communities and fund dynamic programs and outreach – changing the lives of those in rural, often remote communities of Central America?

You can!

With over 60 libraries in some of the most underserved communities in Guatemala and Honduras, Riecken Community Libraries provide access to information, leadership development, and a safe place to learn and grow. But the need is still great and growing in this troubled region.

Building the Riecken Library Network to where it is today has taken years of hard work and commitment, local partnerships, and, of course, significant financial support. Our resources are stretched by continued building upkeep, book collection replacement, program enhancement needs connecting communities to the internet, and technology training and equipment updates.

We partner with communities and their local governments, aligned with a powerful model that leverages local resources to build, operate and sustain our libraries. Operating in this way ensures that support from our donors and funding partners have the greatest impact.

Your financial support is critical to the continuation of our efforts moving forward. We will direct your contribution to the area of greatest need, or to donor-specified initiatives. Please make a donation today and join our friends, donors and partners as we change lives and transform communities in Central America.