Changing Lives through Information in Central America

Jim Wilson

Along with serving on the board of Riecken Foundation, Jim is chairman of Corcept Therapeutics. For four decades he has been the chief executive or a director of several biotechnology companies including Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Amira Medical, Syntex, Neurex, NuGEN and LifeScan. Previously he served as a director of El Camino Hospital, the Stepping Stone Foundation, the Insight Prison Project (San Quentin) and the American Diabetes Research Foundation. Today he also serves as a trustee of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

“During the decade 2000-2010, Allen Andersson, an ex-Peace Corps volunteer, built more than 60 libraries in Honduras and Guatemala. Today they are known as Riecken Community Libraries; each one is an ongoing partnership with local volunteers. When Allen began inviting others to join his efforts, I contributed and joined the Riecken Board of Directors. Visits to these efficient but modern (internet access) libraries reminded me that real change happens locally, and at a young age.”