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Changing Lives through Information in Central America

Girls and Tech in Xolsacmalja


Cantón Xolsacmaljá, Totonicapán

  • “Ka´k Nojib´al” (New Knowledge)
  • Opened: March 26, 2009
  • Population: 2.895
  • Economy: corn, beans, textiles, pottery and woodcraft
  • Projects: Eco Club, Cultural Identity, Early Childhood, Book Club and Bi-lingual Story Hours, Womens’ Group, GPS Mapping of Cultural Sites/Natural Resources
  • Languages:  K’iche’ and Spanish
  • Total number of books:  5698
  • Average monthly number of users:  1,000 – 1,200
  • Wish List: Computers, book shelves, video/audio recorder for oral histories of the community elders, early childhood development materials
  • Librarian: Miriam Maribel García Tzic  email:
  • Information: or

Facebook: Biblioteca Kak Nojibal Xolsacmalja